AMOENA MASTECTOMY bra Cool Max 2148 Left and Right 34A


Beautiful. Feminine. Comfortable. Those three words describe Amoena's Collection of post-mastectomy bras. All of Amoena's Bras feature fashionable fabrics in a design that promises comfort, support and a secure fit. All of Amoena's bras include a soft cotton pocket to hold the breast form comfortably in place. Pretty, smooth jacquard fabric with lace design.
Color is Nude. Size is 34A. (I also have other sizes and styles available). Style is # 2148. Very well made as you already know. Very high quality. Right and Left pockets for breast form. CoolMax pockets hold a breast form securely in place while keeping a woman dry and comfortable. Powernet back band provides extra support. Smooth floral jacquard fabric provides a feminine touch. The cup pockets of Amoena bras fit close and snug and do not limit use only to women who have had Mastectomy's!! See pics.

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