ANNA KOSTUROVA crocheted pink bikini swimsuit tankini halterkini



As seen in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue*

Halter top and lace-up bottom, both banded with lacy detail

100% cotton crochet (lined with 100% polyester)

Color is blush pink


Anna Kosturova pink crocheted bikini
This subtle and sexy Goddes bikini/tankini, has a banded halter top with untraditional side-tie bottom. Both are hand-finished and 100% cotton crochet. Anna Kosturova swimwear, on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue amongst many other fashion mags is what you see here. Sustainable fashion is more than just a buzzword for Anna Kosturova, it's an ethos that can be found throughout her collections for women and girls. Working only in cotton and silk, her pieces are guilt-free pleasures made of materials from renewable, natural sources.

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