RAW 7 Lord of Mercy rocker crew tee shirt leather rhinestones L


Raw 7- The Lord of Mercy
Leather Crew Shirt
The coolness from Raw 7- The Lord of Mercy line. Intricate detail, killer fabric, making a statement in style.
Color: GREY
Size-Men's LARGE
Retails for $125.00 in stores
RAW7 "Lord of Mercy" Shirt with Rhinestones and leather patch work on the Front
Everything on this shirt is completely made from rhinestones and Leather.
Cutting edge and bold, RAW 7's couture designs have revamped cashmere's image from traditional to avant-garde and street chic. Founded in 2003, RAW 7 was inspired by a love of urban art. The collection features vintage and pop art designs, rock icons and well known university emblems, all remixed and reinterpreted to reflect RAW 7's unique edginess.

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