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LORDS & FOOLS Paris 38 men's shorts Magasin wool gold embroidered $484

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NWT LORDS & FOOLS men's Shorts Embroidered Wool Bermuda Navy 63I-3J7015.  Button and concealed zip closure. Split waistband. Flat front. Embroidered satin band on left leg. Two side pockets. One back pocket with low placement. Color: navy
The Lords & Fools of Paris, France collections are always very stylish. Lords & Fools has been able to offer its aficionados a complete locker room reconciling several universes and offering very `` Lords`` collections for the city's working-boy with his tailor-made suits and shirts and extravagant collections more ` Fools`` for those for whom festive life remains a serious business with its neo Rock-Dandy outfits and where each piece can be announced as a work of art made for the wearer. The collections of the Lords & Fools house are always made with the most noble materials, in its Workshops, where traditions and requirements are the currencies.