Charles Jourdan

CHARLES JOURDAN Paris 9.5 ankle strap abalone leather france heels shoes

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Stunning and Amazing are the first words I think of to describe these beauties! Authentic, and brand new! Gorgeous strappy heels with ankle strap adorned with dangling accents that look like they are made of shell or some type gemstone. Has smaller version on top part of the show. Amazing looking on! They are from high-end designer CHARLES JOURDAN of Paris, France. Size 9.5 M. 3 1/2" chic and stylish leather wrapped heel that you gotta' see! The heel has whip stitching on the back of it that is so chic! Made in France. All-leather soles. Ankle strap has buckle and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. If you know much about Charles Jourdan, you know how well made they are! What a deal this is for one lucky lady! These will be that perfect accent to finish off your Vogue outfit!!